RRLC Library of the Year Winner

May 05, 2015

Werner Health Sciences Library, Rochester Regional Health System, Rochester General Hospital won the Academic/Special Library of the Year Award from the Rochester Regional Library Council.

Of Werner Library, the judges said Wernerlibrarystaff

“The library and staff had a wide variety of recommendations and some were extensive. Busy doctors and nurses took the time to nominate. Some were very detailed on the service they received; you could clearly see a wave of a lot of great service. But the most impressive thing was that the nominations really focused on the human impact of the service provided. There was a strong emphasis on the human component.”

Many, many, wonderful nominations, and this is just one:

“I work as a nephrologist at RGH, along with a great group of partners, and the staff of our library feels at times like another partner in our practice – supporting us with such superb, personal, and above all quick service to provide medical literature to allow us to provide the best of care to our patients, as well as to publish and teach. Rapid advances in medical knowledge necessitate access to what the latest research and opinion is on diagnosis and treatment of disease – and this involves review of primary literature; if in a review or text, it may be long out of date. We know our librarians personally, and they work around the clock, it seems, to get us this information. When we are preparing for a talk and request a massive number of references – that is like water off a duck’s back to our library team. They are highly trained and sophisticated and help us with organizing our references and searchs. Please recognize this library and their extraordinary team – our silent partner in medical care and teaching at RGH.”

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Congratulations, Werner Library, Elizabeth Mamo, Director, and all the staff!