September Q&A: Healthy Aging Pt 2

September 07, 2016

Emily DelGrosso


Throughout the month, our medical professional will answer some of the more common questions they get from patients. Emily DelGrosso, RD, CDN answers today's question about vitamins.

Q: Should I be taking vitamins?

A: Overall, eating a balanced diet should meet your vitamin needs.  Your basic diet should include:

  • Variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Protein
  • Grains
  • Dairy

Choose whole, less processed foods whenever possible. These foods will pack more of a nutritional punch than their refined counterparts. Certain medical conditions, for example osteoporosis, or diets such as vegetarian or vegan, may warrant a vitamin and mineral supplement. Our area doesn’t see a lot of sun in the winter months, so your doctor may do bloodwork to check your Vitamin D level and suggest a supplement, if necessary. Take a good look at your diet and talk with your doctor and/or nutrition specialist if you think you could benefit from a supplement

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