Diabetes Awareness Month Q&A: Part 7

November 28, 2016

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. According to statistics, more than 29 million Americans in the United States have diabetes. Of those, more than 8 million may be undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. Throughout this month, professionals from the Rochester Regional Health Diabetes and Endocrinology team have answered questions regarding diabetes care and treatment. Today, K.K. Rajamani, M.D., Chief of Endocrinology, discusses checking your blood sugar.

Dr. K.K. Rajamani
Rochester Regional Health

Q: Do I need to check my blood sugar?

A: Imagine driving down the road without a speedometer… that is the comparison to having diabetes and not checking (monitoring) blood sugars. Blood sugar numbers can be very helpful in improving diabetes management as they can give you and your doctor information about how your body responds to food, exercise, illness, and medications. The meter you use is usually determined by your insurance coverage. The frequency of monitoring is determined by what you are willing to do, recommendations by your doctor or diabetes educator and insurance coverage for meter strips. Accuracy in blood sugar monitoring is very important in order to get accurate information. A diabetes educator (CDE) can teach you how to use a meter correctly. 

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