Holiday Q&A: Healthcare and Travel

December 18, 2016

The holidays are time for gatherings, celebrations, family, and friends. However, throughout the holiday it's important to keep your health and the health of your loved ones in mind. Our monthly Q&A series discusses different holiday season topics. Today, Janet Williams of Rochester Regional Health Immediate Care joins us to discuss health care while traveling.

Q: I’m traveling for the holidays, what should I do if I have a medical emergency?

A: The holiday season is a busy time for travel. Whether you are visiting family and friends out of town, or entertaining out-of-town guests, it’s always good to be prepared in case you or a loved one has a health-related emergency.

If you are traveling, keep in mind these helpful tips:

  • Have prescriptions filled before you leave and pack your prescription in your carry on luggage rather than checked baggage
  • Pack a few extra days-worth of prescriptions in case you have travel delays
  • If you have a medical condition, make sure your family and/or friends are aware of it
  • Pack a ‘travel pharmacy’ including such items as:
    • Antacids
    • Pain relief such as Motrin or Tylenol
    • If you have kids, pack a thermometer
    • First-aid products such as first-aid ointment, bandages, and band-aids
    • Cold formulas

You should know where the closest urgent care facility or hospital emergency room is to your location. If you are entertaining guests, you can find the closest Rochester Regional Health Immediate Care facility by visiting our website here.

It’s better to anticipate an emergency and be prepared then be left to deal with an emergency when one occurs. While some emergencies can be prevented and care for by following our preventive tips, others such as food poisoning, or cuts while preparing foods could require a trip to the emergency room or immediate/urgent care facility.

For more information on local Rochester Regional Health locations, visit our website.