January Q & A: Gym Routine

January 19, 2017

Q: With the cold weather here, what is a good way to mix-up my workout routine at the gym?

A: Shelly Marsh, Director of Fitness and Wellness at Rochester Regional Health: During the winter, it’s true that for some, fitness routines may hibernate.  Getting a different mindset and being creative may help you beat the winter blues.  Variety destroys boredom & plateauing.  There are many options within fitness facilities that you can use to mix up your routine including: group exercise classes (boot camp, yoga, cycling, & Zumba), strength, interval & endurance training.  The key is to try something new to keep your workouts fresh.  Don’t be afraid to approach and ask your trainers for different ideas.  Enjoy what you are doing!!! Have new experiences, get out of your current rut, you may surprise yourself!!!