January Q&A: "Weight Loss Foods"

January 22, 2017

Hannah Smith, Clinical Nutrition Manager Eastern Region answers today's question about 'super' weight loss foods:  

 Q: On my Facebook feed, I constantly see ‘super’ weight loss foods, what should I watch out for?

A: “For everyone considering weight loss and or health eating kudos to you! You have taken the first step! Our food choices over time can have lasting impacts on our weight and health. Food is so much a part of our daily life and has so many influences; family, friends, co-workers, occasions. While there is no evidence to suppose the use of “super foods, drinks, or supplements” for quick weight loss, there is a lot greater benefit in exploring answers to our questions about  choosing healthy eat pattern that works for you and matches your  lifestyle, as a opposed to a quick fix that results in relapse or no results at all. Recognizing the importance of healthy eating and making it a lifestyle, can help answer the questions of how to integrate healthy food options in everyday life and allow food to be a healthy and enjoyable part of our lives.  The desire to make the change is so admirable and should be matched with proven methods to make the changes that will help you achieve you goals for a lifetime. You’ve got this!”