Your Hospital Stay

What to Bring (and NOT bring) to the Hospital

Please place items such as glasses, dentures, and hearing aids in clearly-marked containers. For your own protection, we ask that you not keep valuables such as jewelry, watches and large sums of money in your room. You are welcome to use battery-operated appliances. For your safety, personal electrical appliances such as radios, hair dryers, and shavers may not be used in the Hospital.

Beds and Bath

Your bed has a call button that connects to the nursing station. To use it, simply press the button and wait for someone to answer, then deliver your message in a normal speaking voice. Your request will be handled as quickly as possible.

A staff member will show you how to use the controls that raise and lower the bed. Side rails are sometimes raised for your safety, especially at night, after surgery, or after you have received medications. If the side rails are up, please ask for assistance if you need to get out of bed. Do not try to climb over the rails.

Each room has a sink and toilet. Showers are available on each nursing unit. Use the call button if you need help getting to the bathroom. An emergency call button is located in each bathroom. If you are unable to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, call for assistance.


Television services can be obtained by contacting the hospital switchboard operator. Payment can be made at that time.


For your convenience, newspapers may be available at the nurses station or in vending machines in the main lobby.


A TDD (telecommunication device) for the deaf or hard of hearing is available upon request. Patient phones are available on the medical/surgical floors. If you do not have a phone in your room, please contact the nursing staff, who will help you make special arrangements for one. Pay phones are also available throughout the Hospital. A free wireless network is available throughout the hospital.


You will receive meals from a pre-selected menu based upon your prescribed diet. Family members or friends may join you by ordering a guest tray that can be ordered at the nurses’ station. Prices for guest trays are $2 for breakfast and $4 for lunch or dinner. Payment is requested upon delivery of the meal.

Mail and Flowers

Mail and flowers are delivered to patients Monday through Saturday. Patients in the Intensive Care Unit will receive their mail, but flowers are not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit.


Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic places a premium on providing the safest, healthiest environment for its patients, staff and visitors. Therefore, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Hospital.

Spiritual Support

A chaplain is on staff at our hospital to tend to your spiritual needs. Clergy of various religious denominations also visit the hospital each day, and will visit you upon request. Your nurse will assist you with visiting arrangements. A Chapel is located across the hall from the gift shop for your use or the use of family members.

Social Work

The Social Work Department at Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic is here to help you, your family and friends cope with the effects of illness. The Social Work office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Please ask your nurse for assistance in contacting them.

Notary Public

For your convenience, a notary public is available. Please ask your nurse for details.