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Visiting Hours & Guidelines

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Visiting Hours & Guidelines

Visiting Hours

Remember that most patients tire easily. Extended visits and too many visitors at one time can wear them out. Visitors are encouraged to use their discretion and to try to visit between the hours of 11 am and 8 pm.

Patient Information

Friends and family who want to check on your condition may call patient information at (585) 723-7015

Visitor Guidelines

  • The number of visitors is dependent on the needs and comfort of the patient as well as the needs and comfort of the second patient in a semi-private room. The impact of patient's visitors on the overall environment of care will be considered. Please respect the request of unit nursing staff if they should occasionally have to ask you to limit the number of visitors or times of visitation.
  • Children under the age of 14 (in all other units) must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Visitors with cold symptoms or gastrointestinal flu symptoms are strongly discouraged from visiting. If visiting is deemed absolutely necessary, visitors must strictly adhere to proper handwashing and wear hospital-issued mask and gloves. Unit nursing staff will provide these materials when requested. Visits should be kept short.
  • Visitation conflicts or deviation from policy adherence will be referred to the Charge Nurse, Nurse Manager, Director or Off-Shift Director. Safety and Security Department officers will be contacted as necessary.
  • All doors into the building are secured at 8 pm. Visitors entering the hospital after 8 pm must use the Emergency Center entrance.
  • Overnight visitation may occur in a private room setting
  • Because your diet is often considered part of your treatment plan, visitors may not bring food to you unless they’ve cleared it with your physician or nurse.