Contact Rochester General Hospital

Main phone number: 585.922.4000

Patient information - Including room numbers: 585.922.4528

Patient Relations Coordinator: 585.922.2050

LINK Line: 585.922.LINK (5465)

Question about bill: 585.922.1900 (Customer Service)

Information about Volunteeing: 585.922.4327 - Volunteer Office

Job Opportunity: 585.922.1100 - Human Resources,

Please note that federal regulations require us to provide no information including acknowledging that a person is even a patient without that patient's express permission. Please read our privacy statement before you submit any information to us.

Patient compliments & complaints

We appreciate any comments, feedback or suggestions you may have for us regarding your care and service provided at Rochester General Hospital. Call 585.922.LINK (5465) or Patients Relations Coordinator: 585.922.2050

If you have a complaint, regardless of whether you have first used the internal hospital complaint process or not, you may lodge a complaint directly to the New York State Department of Health by calling their complaint hotline at 1-800-804-5447 (NYS Department of Health, Centralized Hospital Intake Program, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY) or with The Joint Commission at 1-800-994-6610.

Reporting suspected fraud, waste and abuse

Rochester Regional Health recognizes that healthcare fraud, waste or abuse could impact our ability to serve our patients. All reports are confidential and can be kept anonymous at your request.

Medical records