Going Home

Our commitment to improving your health doesn't end the day you leave the hospital. We want to ensure that you and your family know the next steps in your care and what to expect after your stay with us.


Your doctor will let you know when it is medically appropriate for you to be discharged from the hospital. Soon after your doctor writes your discharge order, staff will help you with discharge planning and your departure. At the time of your discharge, you will be asked to sign a discharge form regarding your rights as a patient, and you will receive discharge instructions. Please be sure you have reviewed both of these forms before leaving.

Follow-up care

Your physician, nurse or social worker will make arrangements with community agencies to provide any services you need after you leave the hospital.


HealthCall is a 24-hour emergency response system primarily for elderly, disabled or medically at-risk people who live alone. It is an electronic response system which allows HealthCall subscribers to summon help to their homes in case of a medical or personal emergency. For more information, call Social Work at 585.922.4392.

Outpatient services

Rochester General offers a full range of outpatient medical services for adults, children and teens. Unlike a traditional clinic, at Rochester General patients see the same physician or nurse practitioner for most visits. For more information, call 585.922.4101.