Contact Unity

Main phone number for Unity Hospital: 585.723.7000

Patient information: 585.723-7015

Compliments & Complaints

You have the right to express complaints about your care and services, and to have the Hospital investigate such complaints. To voice a complaint or concern, please call the Patient Assistance Line at 585.922.5465.

If you request, we will provide you or your designee a written response indicating the findings of the investigation. If you are not satisfied with Unity Hospital's response, you may contact:

New York State Department of Health
Centralized Hospital Intake Program
433 River Street 6th Floor
Troy, New York 12180

phone: 1.800.804.5447

You may also contact The Joint Commission at 1.800.994.6610.

Reporting suspected fraud, waste and abuse

Rochester Regional Health recognizes that healthcare fraud, waste or abuse could impact our ability to serve our patients. For instructions on how to report suspected fraud, waste or abuse (click here). All reports are confidential and can be kept anonymous at your request.

Medical records

Click here to download and print the form needed to request your medical records. Complete the form and mail or fax it to us at:

Birth and death certificates

For Monroe County Birth and Death Certificates, available from the County Clerk's Office of Vital Records (click here).

Physician referrals
For health information and referrals, call us at 585.368.3000 

For questions or comments regarding our website, email the webmaster.

You may write to Unity Hospital at:

Unity Hospital
Strategic Communications & Marketing
89 Genesee Street
Rochester, NY 14611