Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who decides when I am ready to leave the hospital? Could I be sent home before I am ready?
A. You can be certain that we won't let you leave the hospital until we know it is safe for you to do so. Your Attending Physician and the rest of your medical team will work together with you to decide when your condition no longer requires hospital care. It's really not in your best health interest to stay in the Hospital longer than necessary. There are risks of getting certain infections and you can continue your recovery in a quieter and more restful place like your home or another care facility.

Q. Why do different people ask me the same questions over and over?
A. Because there are so many people involved in your care, you may find you are asked the same questions over and over about your medical history, symptoms and daily activity. Each health professional needs the information for different purposes to plan your care and to double-check for allergies and to ensure your safety. We know it can be tiring to answer these questions again and again, please bear with us as we make absolutely certain you are receiving the right care for your needs.

Q. Is Unity a teaching hospital? Does this mean that students will be involved in my care?
A. You will meet health care providers in training during your stay. We are proud to be a teaching affiliate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Medical Residents, under the supervision of licensed physicians, will be involved in your care. These students often have some extra time to spend with you. We believe this adds to the quality of your care, and in turn, our patients help to educate the health care providers of the future.

For more information about Rochester Regional Health’s programs and services, office locations or providers, call the Contact Center at 585.368.3000. A Registered Nurse is available to help you, free of charge.