Language Assistance Program

For Patients with Limited English Proficiency and/or Hearing Loss 

Language barriers can make it difficult for patients to obtain information about medical services, make appointments and navigate the healthcare system. Unity Hospital’s Language Assistance Program is in place to ensure appropriate access to care and services for patients who require communication assistance. 

Helpful Facts

  • If qualified interpreters are not available on-staff to assist patients with their language needs, Rochester Regional Health will connect the patient with a professional phone interpreter to assist with communication (at no charge to the patient).
  • If required, Rochester Regional Health will coordinate the services of a professional interpreter for in-person interpretation (at no charge to the patient).
  • Special telephones (TTYs) or portable assistive listening devices are available at Unity Hospital for use by patients with hearing loss. If necessary, patients may use a "replay service" provided by the telephone company for communication assistance (at no charge to the patient).
  • All Unity phones have a volume adjustment feature.
  • All Unity televisions are equipped with closed-captioning (not all programs are closed-captioned).

If any patient requires language assistance, ask the nurse manager on your unit. They will happy to assist.