Patient Safety

As the patient, you are at the center of the Unity Hospital healthcare team. You can play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of this team. You are encouraged to speak up if you have a question or concern. Here are some ways to do so:
  • Pay attention to the care you are receiving.
  • If you don't understand something, ask again, or ask another member of the health care team.
  • If a caregiver does not introduce themselves, ask who they are and what they are going to do.
  • Make sure your caregivers wash their hands before treating you.
  • Remember when you are supposed to receive medication, and alert the nurse if it is late.
  • Make sure the doctor, nurse, or other caregiver confirms your identity by referring to your wristband or asking you.

These are just a few suggestions. For more information on how you can help contribute to your positive experience at Unity Hospital, refer to the Speak Up brochure included in the information packet you received when you were admitted.

We are all responsible for the prevention of errors. And by speaking up, patients can help the team provide the safest health care experience possible.