Asthma Diagnostic Testing

Rochester Regional Health's Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology prioritizes accurate diagnosis with the help of many diagnostic tests. These tests include:

  • Exercise tests: this asthma test helps to evaluate causes of shortness of breath
  • FeNo: this asthma test is used to measure the level of nitric oxide (in parts per billion) exhaled from your lungs
  • Lung volume tests: these asthma tests measure the volume of air in your lungs, including the air that remains at the end of a normal breath
  • Spirometry: this asthma test measures how much air you can breathe in and out of your lungs  

Spirometry Tests

We offer spirometry tests at each of our convenient locations. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Please call (585) 922-8350 with any questions, or to make an appointment.

Allergy Diagnostic Testing

Our team performs the gold standard of food allergy tests–oral food challenges–every day. In addition to oral food testing, we offer:

  • Skin prick tests: this test involves having small drops of a liquid allergen onto your back or forearm, with results available within 15 minutes
  • Blood tests: these tests involve a blood draw, and results can take 3-5 days
  • Oral food challenges: this food allergy test involves being gradually fed measured amounts of the food that is a suspected cause of your allergy, and results are available immediately

Allergy tests can be performed for pediatric, teen, and adult allergy sufferers. Your provider will suggest the best course of action and the test that will get you the quickest, most accurate diagnosis.

Immunodeficiency Diagnostic Testing

After you and your provider have covered your medical history and a physical examination, they may suggest the follow tests to diagnose an immune system disorder:

  • Blood tests: these tests involve a blood draw, and can determine the levels of immunoglobulin and blood cells present in your blood
  • Prenatal tests: samples of amniotic fluid, blood, or cells can be taken (if you are currently pregnant) and tested for abnormalities

If you believe you may have asthma, allergies, or immunodeficiencies, you've come to the right place. The experienced providers at the Rochester Regional Health AIR Program are ready to help.

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