Trevor's Story


"Trevor offers a lot of hope for those struggling with addiction. He's taken the skills we've taught him and put them to good use by integrating them in his everyday life."

Randi Barrell, Addiction Therapist IV
Evelyn Brandon Health Center

Imagine losing 19 of your friends to drug addiction. For most people, the reaction would be horror, grief and terrible sadness. That is, unless you are a young addict struggling with your own demons, like Trevor Meyer of Pittsford.

Trevor started using drugs when he was 14. By the time he was 17, he had already overdosed, but had not yet hit bottom. He spent the next couple of years stealing to support his cocaine and heroin habit - and alternating between homelessness and jail.

Finally, during 11 months of intense individual and group therapy at Rochester Regional's Adolescent Community Residence in Greece, Trevor began to fight his addiction. "I realized that I actually wanted to live," Trevor said.

Today, as an outpatient at Rochester Regional's Evelyn Brandon Health Center, he has earned his high school diploma and is attending Monroe Community College, holds a job and lives in his own apartment.

"I learned how to handle things differently and how to care about people," Trevor said. "I want to start a career and live a life. I never wanted those things, ever."

About the Rochester Regional Adolescent Community Residence Program

The Rochester Regional Adolescent Community Residence Program is designed for teenagers and young adults who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Rochester Regional offers several highly specialized outpatient treatment programs designed to help people recover from substance abuse while they live at home.

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