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Outpatient Mental Health Services

Outpatient Mental Health Services provide diagnostic and treatment outpatient services. Treatment modalities include individual, group, and family therapy. Medication, when prescribed, is supervised by a program psychiatrist. Translation and transportation services are offered.

About adult outpatient services

Adult Outpatient Services provides mental and behavioral health services for adults ages 18 and over and their families. Our primary focus is the overall emotional well-being of our patients and respect for their individual needs.

We offer a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed clinical and licensed masters social workers, and other licensed mental health care professionals - all working together to help you and your family achieve your full potential.


An initial assessment is completed by a licensed mental health practitioner in order to determine the level of care a patient may need. Crisis assessments are provided to people who require urgent but not emergency evaluations.

Individual, family and group therapy

Individual therapy offers patients the opportunity to work with a therapist in identifying treatment needs and establishing short and long-term goals in a one-to-one setting. For some patients, a family therapist is used. Group therapy offers our patients a forum to deal with interpersonal difficulties and a place for us to look at their interactions with others in a safe, structured setting.

Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

Some patients are evaluated by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner and may be treated with medication in addition to therapy. On going medication management may be provided to evaluate the effectiveness of medications as well as monitor for side effects and provide education on prescribed medications.

Linkage / referral to other needed services

Patients may be linked / referred to other services for needs beyond the scope of the Adult Outpatient Services program.

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