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What is PROS?

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) is a comprehensive recovery oriented program for adult individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. The goal of the program is to integrate treatment, support and rehabilitation in a manner that facilitates the individual's recovery. Some of the goals of the program are to:

What participants are saying...

What is the best part of your experience here?
"Structure, non-judgmental atmosphere, encouragement"
"Getting to meet new people"
"Support and knowledge are a part of the daily care we receive here."
"To see my progress and the knowledge that I was an integral part of the process."

PROS was created to assist individuals with attaining life goals in the areas of living, work, education and improving relationships with family and friends.

  • Improve function
  • Limit inpatient utilization
  • Increase employment
  • Attain higher levels of education
  • Secure preferred housing

Services within PROS

There are four service components that individuals can receive within the PROS program:

Community Rehabilitation and Support (CRS)

The CRS component is designed to engage individuals in managing their lives and restoring skills and support necessary for being successful within the community. Some of the services under this component include assessment, wellness self management and benefits and financial management.

Intensive Rehabilitation (IR)

The IR component is a customized package of rehabilitation and support services designed to assist an individual in attaining specific goals such as a higher level of education, secure housing and employment. IR also offers targeted interventions to reduce the risk of hospitalization or to assist in the stabilization of recent acute psychiatric / chemical dependency relapse.

Ongoing Rehabilitation Support (ORS)

The ORS component provides flexibility in the off-site support and maintenance of obtaining competitive employment. ORS can also support individuals in the managing of their symptoms in the competitive workplace.

Clinic Treatment

The Clinical Treatment component offers services typically provided in a mental health outpatient clinic within the PROS program. These include:

  • Psychiatric and health assessment
  • Medication management
  • Symptom monitoring and clinical counseling

This is an optional component of the program. In some cases, individuals may choose to keep their community clinical providers and receive CRS and IR and ORS services within PROS program.

"Recovery: A process of reemergence, awakening, or working toward the full life that you want and deserve to have, a life that includes the vision and dreams that you long for. A life in which each person is treated with complete respect at every moment. A life in which you have meaningful choices and you continuously move toward wholeness and healing from hurts, traumas and darkness. A life in which you feel completely hopeful, completely empowered and completely connected to the community" - Treatment Planning from Person Centered Care

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