Turning Point Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Information and referrals

About Turning Point

Turning Point is a psycho-social, recreational and pre-vocational rehabilitation program based in a supportive membership/club setting, for persons currently receiving services from a mental health care provider. The goal of Turing Point is to enhance the quality of life of severely and persistently mentally ill adults by providing social and vocational rehabilitation services in community settings, to provide experiences which improve the opportunity for self determination.

A referral is made through the primary therapist or psychiatrist, which is screened for client eligibility.


  • Various social and recreational events such as trips to area points of interest, bowling, arts & crafts, movie nights, concerts, museum visits, and events in conjunction with other area clubs
  • Ongoing emotional support and encouragement from staff and members
  • Member involvement through participation in community meetings
  • Individual assistance/instruction in independent living skills including money management, personal care and social communication
  • Educational opportunities of interest to membership to promote consumer self-help and advocacy
  • Paid work activity/pre-vocational rehabilitation services via supervised mobile job crews, unsupervised work opportunities, and direct placement
  • Work adjustment/supportive counseling in both group and individual modalities
  • Job development, placement, and coaching
  • Close communication with Clinical Coordinator regarding participation in club services, behavioral observations, and needs of individual members
  • Outreach contact to inactive members to encourage participation
  • Transportation service to community events, and home-to-program service based on individual need and availability


  • Client must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a serious mental health disorder as defined by primary diagnosis in the DSM IV-TR. Individuals with a dual diagnosis are eligible for admission to Turning Point. Turning Point will not accept those individuals who: 1) are found to be in need of drug or alcohol rehabilitation services, and unwilling to receive treatment for these and 2) have a current history of serious aggressive/assaultive behavior who pose a serious risk to themselves or others.
  • Deemed psychiatrically stable by primary therapist, and that psycho-social rehabilitation services would yield therapeutic benefit.

Eligibility for vocational services requires all of the above plus inclusion of vocational rehabilitation services in the individual's treatment plan. In addition, the individual must:

  • Indicate an interest in work activity;
  • Possess a work tolerance of at least 1 hour per day, twice per week;
  • Have the ability to follow concrete, one-step directions;
  • Be physically capable of work activities available with the program as indicated on the Client Functional Assessment Form attached to the referral.

Exit criteria for vocational services are:

  • The individual demonstrates the ability to work 15 or more hours per week, and approves referral to another vocational rehabilitation program, or direct placement into competitive employment;
  • The individual demonstrates suitable work behaviors and attitudes;
  • The individual performs the pre-vocational/situational assessment tasks to 80% or more of the competitive norm.

Our team consists of:

  • Program coordinator
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Rehabilitation aides