Pam's Story

Pamela Lashbrook

“I didn’t think I could do it. But I did. Rochester General Hospital helped me survive.”

 In 2014, Pamela Lashbrook, an 11th grade English teacher at Brockport High School, received a diagnosis no person wants to hear: breast cancer. Naturally, her care became a top priority, but she also wanted to keep teaching and living her life.

Pam chose Rochester General Breast Center because it could help her do just that. A leader in breast cancer care and treatment, backed by our own nationally recognized Lipson Cancer Institute, the Breast Center utilizes an approach that combines state-of-the-art medicine, advanced research and thoughtful coordination—guided by the expertise of Medical Director Lori Mederios, MD.

After consulting with our team, Pamela underwent chemotherapy treatment. While it was draining both mentally and physically, thanks to the support of friends, family, students and her team at the Breast Center, she found her inner strength and pushed through. And in March 2015, Pamela returned to her classroom as a confident survivor.