About Lipson Cancer Institute

The Lipson Cancer Institute was founded on a commitment to provide comprehensive cancer care from one integrated program, in which experts in medicine, radiation treatment and surgery work to treat the unique needs of each patient. Each day, our highly trained and dedicated oncology teams utilize leading-edge medical technology to create and administer personalized cancer treatment plans for our patients. 

A leader in clinical innovation

The Lipson Cancer Institute is a recognized leader in the treatment of cancer and blood disorders. Our oncology and hematology physicians are board certified in their specialties and the Institute encompasses all disciplines that contribute to the care of cancer and hematology patients.
As a clinical research affiliate of the noted Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, we employ the most up-to-date, innovative therapies and tap into the most promising research in cancer detection and diagnosis. This commitment to clinical innovation helps our patients enjoy higher success rates, fewer treatment-related side effects and longer, healthier lives.