"As proud parents of Kailey and Robert, the Park Ridge Child Care Center is more than we could have ever imagine for our kids! Over the course of three and a half years, I have never worried that my children have been well cared for and loved as if they were their own. The team at PRCCC does an amazing job everyday and I am grateful for their help in raising my children. Not only do they make sure they have a safe and fun day, the team works every day to instill morals, manners, kindness, respect and responsibility for my little people. The PRCCC team is there for us, as parents too - no question is off limits. We love our Center and we are so blessed to have them in our lives! Our many, many thanks!"

- The Steele's

"Magin is particularly pleased that the play areas has a roof for sun protection, but said “most important, this expansion has made the transition back to work as a new mother a little easier. When I walk through the doors at Park Ridge Child Care Center, I know that my son will be safe and well cared for”.

-Bethany Magin – mother and per diem employee of infant child

"Jill Valentino and I were talking this week, and I just wanted to share so me of our discussion. Both of us are thrilled with the care that our daughters receive at Park Ridge Child Care Center. Both of us didn't realize the mediocre care our children were receiving until we came to the center.

You and your staff are so kind to all of the "friends" that come there and our children don't want to leave when we pick them up! Both Jill and I remarked that we never worry about our kids when we're at work!

You and your staff are a great example of Rochester Regional Health, and I'm grateful for the care our children receive, so we're able to give the care that our patients deserve."

Erika Fallon – mother of 2 children
Jill Valentino – mother of 1 child

"As a mother is an extremely difficult decision to have anyone other than family watch your child. I can honestly say I consider Park Ridge child care family. All of the childcare staff have been extremely accommodating to the specific needs of my children. Whether it be giving my daughter a little extra TLC at the time of drop off or remembering my son was going to grandma and Poppy's for the weekend and taking the time to ask him all about it on Monday."

-Melissa Oleksyn- mother of 2 children

“I’ve watched both of my kids develop, learn and grow at Park Ridge through the years and become so independent! It’s the caring staff that makes it a point to interact and really care about the kids. They make them feel comfortable and welcome them with open arms during morning drop-off time so I’ve never had a tear shed when I go to work and it’s time to leave them, it’s a great feeling”.

-Kristin McDermott – mother of 2 children

"As a parent, I find the staff to be very trustworthy, listen to what I have to say about my child and they are truly genuine to see me/my child every morning. They care and understand and have the utmost patience”

-Jancie Phiilips – parent a of 4 children in our center and one of our employees

“The staff and teachers at Park Ridge are like family to us. Prior to our son being born and attending Park Ridge, our nephew attended and when it came time for us to choose a daycare provider there was only one option for us and it was Park Ridge. Choosing the right daycare provider is a major decision and there was no better choice for our family, the love and care they provide can only be matched by us which is a very reassuring feeling."

‐ Dan & Trina Viggiano

"I will be eternally grateful for the loving, supportive, and nurturing care that my daughters, Gabriella and Vanessa have received at PRCC over the last five years. They have blossomed with the excellent teaching, self esteem building, and positive attitude of all the staff involved. As a working mother, I have truly had peace of mind knowing they have been in such caring hands."

- Jeannie Glanville – mother of two children

"Our daughter has attended Park Ridge Child Care Center since she her birth. There is no other child care center in our area that even comes close to the care and love that our daughter has received over the years. We would not hesitate to recommend Park Ridge Child Care Center to any one looking for a child care center in our area."

- Debbie and Brian Hild – parents to one child

"I can't believe the quality of care that is provided by Park Ridge Day Care. They truly maintain a high standard when it comes to keeping the children involved in activities and learning how to live a healthier lifestyle in their everyday lives. I would highly recommend Park Ridge Day Care to anyone."

The Saunders – parents to one child

“My daughter, Julianna, has been with the center for 8 years and has been very happy and my husband and I have peace of mind knowing she is safe and with people who truly care about the children. She is now in the summer program and her days are filled with supervised activities and fun! She has formed some wonderful friendships and looks forward to seeing not only her friends, but the staff as well. It is obvious in their interactions with each and every child that their objective is keep those they care for safe and happy, while encouraging growth and independence.”

- Elaine Hess mother of one