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Back in college, I thought I had the flu. When I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with diabetes. It was a shock – I was overwhelmed. I didn't want to know much about diabetes. Actually, I ignored it and went into denial. I neglected myself, gained weight, and rarely tested my blood sugar.

With diabetes, you don't see what it's doing to your body for a long time. In the early stages, you don't feel that bad. If you do get sick, it's easy to blame something other than the diabetes.

I finally realized that I was being dishonest with myself. I needed to make some changes or I was going to die. I went to my family doctor for a physical and asked about Unity Diabetes & Endocrinology Services.

I went for an initial visit, and my sugars were bad. I felt like a failure, but Dr. Rajamani reassured me. I started doing a little better, but it wasn't enough. Within a few months, I was really sick, emotionally and physically. Everything in my body was out of control. I knew that I had to get serious.

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My doctors encouraged me, especially Dr. Rajamani. He said, “We can do this,” and I knew he meant it. From the first time I met him, I felt like we had a real partnership and that I could do what needed to be done.

Now I've lost over 40 pounds. Without the support I got from Unity Diabetes & Endocrinology Services's Diabetes Center, I don't know if I would have been able to turn it around. I took it day by day, meal by meal. The pounds came off and my HBA1C numbers got better. Dr. Rajamani and the staff celebrated my progress– and I could see the results.

With the help of Dr. Rajamani and the Diabetes Center, I’ve actually cut down on my medications, and I'm feeling better than ever. I have six grandchildren and I look forward to going to the playground now! And I know I have to stay as healthy as possible if I'm going to see them grow up.

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