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Weight Management Center

Rochester Regional Health’s Weight Management Center offers personalized plans to help patients of all ages achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. Our programs include dietary and nutrition counseling, and food behavior modifications—all carefully crafted to increase your chances of long-term success. Along every step of your weight loss journey, we’ll be there to help you adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our programs feature registered dietitians that focus on designing the most effective plan for each patient. Schedule your management consultation at one of our following locations below.

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Weight Management Programs

We are proud to offer the following weight management programs:

Taking Off Together Weight Management Class

This 13-week program offered at our Ridgeway location was designed to help you create a lifestyle that includes healthful whole foods. Together, we’ll focus on a Mediterranean meal plan, exercise, mindfulness, and how to develop a supportive community to promote dietary and behavior change for sustainable weight loss.

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Wellness RD Program

Shred body fat with this plan! Together, we’ll focus on improving your nutritional status with one-on-one dietitian visits that incorporate individualized meal planning, optional protein supplements to increase satiety, and individual support and coaching. We’ll complete body fat readings at each visit to our Alexander Park location.

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Beyond Diets

The Beyond Diets Program features six visits with a Registered Dietitian, all 60 minutes in length, at our Alexander Park location. Your visits will include individualized goal setting, meal planning, and health/nutritional education to aid in your weight loss.

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Nutrition Counseling

Our Registered Dietitians will help you deal with weight management, high cholesterol, and blood pressure, food allergies, and other conditions. After evaluating your specific needs and daily routine, we’ll offer practical solutions on meal planning, dining out, and more. 

We understand how personal nutrition is—especially if you’re dealing with a specific health concern. Our expert team will develop a meal plan and behavior change goals that work and were crafted for you. Registered dietitians will be there to help you set goals, resolve any issues, and answer all your questions.

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