Unity Diabetes & Endocrinology

Unity Hospital offers comprehensive endocrinology and diabetes services to help you on your journey to better health. We have three locations in Rochester, NY. Call 585.368.4560 to schedule an appointment today at any of our locations.

Endocrine care

Our board-certified endocrinologists offer diagnosis, consultation and long-term management of diabetes and endocrine problems such as adrenal and thyroid disease, growth disorders, osteoporosis and more.

Diabetes center

In addition to management of your diabetes by our endocrinologists, our diabetes educators can show you how to better manage your diabetes with individual and group education programs. These programs will help you create a self-management plan tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

  • Click here to access our diabetes patient education tools, including patient forms

Nutrition counseling

The registered dietitians at Unity Endocrinology can help you deal with issues such as weight management, high cholesterol and blood pressure, food allergies and other conditions. We’ll evaluate your specific needs and daily routine, and then offer practical suggestions on meal planning, dining out and more.

Unity thyroid center

Designed to speed the path to treatment for patients with thyroid nodules, our Center offers a streamlined program that takes just a day or two and includes evaluation, pathology, and a treatment plan. So instead of waiting weeks to see specialists, have a biopsy and make follow up visits, you can start treatment as soon as possible.  At the appointment, you’ll meet with an endocrinologist, discuss treatment options and have a biopsy if necessary. Later that day, the endocrinologist will call you with the results and to discuss next steps.

Looking for additional support for thyroid issues?