Training Videos

Managing your diabetes just got easier. Our Diabetes Training Videos offer helpful, step-by-step instructions on using insulin, pumps, sensors and more. Just click, watch and learn.

Insulin Injections – tutorials and tips:

Novolog Flexpen
Novolog Mix 70/30
Levemir Flexpen
Humalog Products
Injecting Insulin from a Vial
Lantus Solostar Pen

Insulin Pump Use - Tutorials on use:

Animas Pumps
Insulet (Omnipod) Pumps
Medtronic Pumps

Insulin Infusion Sets – Selecting the right type, usage tips:

Infusion sets

Continuous Glucose Sensors - Tutorials on use:

Medtronic Sensors
Navigator by Abbott (tutorial on sensor use)

Blood Glucose Meters – tutorials, tips, and tons of diabetes information:

Bayer – Contour & Breeze Meters
Click here to find other basic diabetes management information from Bayer
Roche – Aviva and Compact Meters
Abbott – Freestyle Meters
Lifescan – One Touch Meters