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Geriatric Consultative Services

Our Geriatric Consultative Services team is here to work alongside you, your family members and your physicians and caregivers to help you stay independent as long as possible. 

We provide expert evaluations and recommendations on a wide range of common conditions that you may be experiencing to help promote your independence, dignity, and comfort so that you can lead a productive and meaningful life.

How to Get Started with Geriatric Consultative Services

To get started, either ask your primary care physician to make a referral or call us directly at (585) 922-0390. We accept all insurance types that are accepted by Rochester Regional Health

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Fall Assessments

Injury from a fall is a big concern for families and seniors. Falls can result in fractures, and worse, the loss of independence, taking away the ability to live at home, use stairs, and grocery shop. We can evaluate your risk of falling with a fall assessment. Since certain medical conditions increase the likelihood of a fall, proper assessment and intervention can help us improve these situations and reduce the risk.

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Memory Problems

The thought of not being able to remember things is frightening for anyone. We all get a little anxious if we forget the little things–such as where we placed the car keys or friends’ names. Though troubling, these may be routine effects of aging and not indicative of memory loss. Severe memory loss and confusion is a different matter. And it’s important to understand that these conditions may be a result of medications. Our Geriatric Consultative Team can determine if drug interactions are causing the problem.

Home Health Aide

Assessment of Care

Home is where the heart is. Not the hassle. For our established patients that needs assistance in the home, our expert staff can evaluate your needs and recommend the ideal solution. A variety of home-care options exist to assist you with your household work. And we can recommend many other fine living options in our community to fit your needs.

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Depression is caused by many things - loss, divorce, illness–which can significantly alter your mood and perspective. The warning signs can include sleeplessness, loss of appetite, memory loss, and the loss of interest in the simple life pleasures and often isolation. Failure to recognize these key symptoms results in only one in ten being treated for depression. The good news–eighty percent of people improve after appropriate diagnosis and treatment. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, let our geriatric consultative team help you recognize the signs and treat it.

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