Heart Surgery

What should you look for in a cardiac surgery team? Experience is key, along with a surgical process that unites every team member - in and out of the operating room - in service to the patient. A record of excellence is vital, as is a tireless pursuit of new ideas that can inspire even greater future outcomes. 

High Volumes, Top Outcomes - The cardiothoracic surgeons of Rochester Regional Health perform more than 1,200 surgeries each year, making the Sands-Constellation Heart Institute the fourth largest cardiac surgery center in New York State. The more procedures they perform, the sharper their skills become. 

The Cleveland Clinic Partnership - For over a decade Rochester General Hospital has been a Cleveland Clinic Heart Surgery Center. This partnership, dedicated to mutual learning and sharing best practices, gives our local providers early access to leading-edge techniques and research: Tomorrow's innovations for today's patients. Learn more

National Reputation - Our program is recognized regionally and nationally for superior performance, including a ranking as the state's top hospital for Major Cardiac Surgery and Heart Attack Treatment by CareChex/Comparion; nine annual designations as a national Top 100 Cardiovascular Hospital by Thomson/Reuters; and a 2010 Top Quality Rating for Cardiac Surgery Performance from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

Highly skilled surgeons

Our cardiothoracic surgical teams are among the most experienced and most highly trained in the country. These talented specialists are committed to providing the very best care, and the helping you or your loved one enjoy a longer, healthier life. 

Surgical procedures

Most heart surgery procedures fall into common categories:

Coronary Bypass Surgery

Restores normal blood flow to heart muscle. A vein from the leg or chest artery may be used to create a bypass of a blocked coronary artery. Learn more

Valve Repair and Replacement

Restores normal valve function to the four valves of the heart. Learn more

Pulmonary Autograft

Also known as the Ross procedure, this replaces the aortic valve wit the patient's own pulmonary valve, and the original pulmonary valve is then replaced with a cadaveric pulmonary valve. Learn more

Bentall Procedures

Performed for patients in need of a new aortic valve replacement in addition to replacement of the ascending aorta or aortic root. Learn more

Atrial Septal Defect Repair

Performed to fix a lack of tissue between the two upper heart chambers. Learn more

Pacemaker or Defibrillator Insertion

These electronic devices are used to establish a normal heartbeat for patients with cardiac disease. Learn more

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