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Community Physicians

Partnering for better care


Unity's hospitalists work closely with community physicians — primary care providers, referring physicians and specialists — to ensure that we're providing the best possible care for each patient. Here is what you can expect at each stage of the process:


  • We will fax your office with information on the patient’s admission and the diagnosis within one business day.
  • We may contact your office to gather additional data on the patient’s health history, including current medications.

Hospital stay

  • You'll be notified whenever there's a significant change in your patient's clinical status or plan of care (e.g., a new diagnosis, transfer to the I.C.U., recommendation for hospice or comfort care).
  • We may also contact you if there are psychosocial issues with the patient and/or family that would be better handled with your cooperation.


We will fax you the patient's discharge information as soon as possible, including instructions and medication reconciliation.

You will be contacted if certain clinical indications are present.

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