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Our Restorative Neurology Team

Our team has decades of experience in working with individuals with cognitive deficits in memory, judgment, problem solving, executive thinking skills and more. We use evidence-based techniques and technologies to develop strategies that help improve function and promote independence.

Our staff is led by some of the area’s finest physicians and neuropsychologists who maintain special certifications and training in:

  • Brain injury rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive medical rehabilitation
  • Pediatric rehabilitation

Many members of our nursing and therapy staff have earned advanced certification in the rehabilitation and neuroscience fields – another unique attribute of our program.

Our Center uses a collaborative interdisciplinary process for treatment, which means that we work with patients and families as a team to do evaluations, set goals and ultimately, help patients reach those goals!

The most important team members are patients, families, and support system. Loved ones play a crucial role in rehabilitation. We encourage them to participate in education and training, attend therapy sessions and provide encouragement. An adult family member may also stay overnight with patients if they choose to. This helps families to develop a better understanding of the patient’s needs and gain confidence in helping them achieve their goals. They can also take advantage of a wealth of support and educational resources, including our Patient and Family Education Center, helpful websites, hands-on training with therapists and nurses and more.

Your dedicated team will also include several of the following specialists:


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