Primary Nurse

Primary nurse

A primary nurse ensures continuity and coordination of care between a patient’s therapy and medical needs. A friendly, familiar face will:

  • Serve as a patient advocate to ensure that all aspects of the rehabilitation process are incorporated in daily care
  • Administer and manage medications
  • Ensure proper skin care
  • Manage medical devices specific to patient (if applicable)
  • Assist with individual diet choices (or manage tube feedings, if necessary)
  • Promote bowel and bladder function
  • Provide the patient and family with education pertaining to their individual medical needs and training that will be needed to rehabilitate successfully

Primary nurses attend our clinical team meetings to share their insights and incorporate instructions from therapists and medical providers into the patients’ individualized plan of care.

Throughout the recovery process, the primary nurse will help teach patients and families what they need to know about all aspects of the patient’s daily needs.