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Every patient's progress in rehabilitation depends on a number of factors: the most important are the patients themselves and their families! As a leader in restorative neurology and rehabilitation, we think it's important to track all of our patients' performance in a number of areas. The following are some highlights.

Functional Independence Measures (FIM™)

We measure each patient’s improvement with an FIM™ tool that rates how much help they need with activities such as eating, grooming, bathing, dressing, using a toilet, walking, using a wheelchair, using stairs, talking and even thinking. This tool also lets us compare our collective results with those of other programs in our region and across the nation. Click here for the latest data.

Patient satisfaction

As of March 2018, 100% of our patients rated the quality of their care as "Good" or "Excellent!"

Persons served data

See the latest statistics on our numbers of patients, their ages, average length of stay and more below, or download a copy of the complete outcomes report.

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