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Pre Drivers Screening

The Pre-Driver's Screening Test is used as a source of information in determining a person’s readiness to return to driving following neurological condition such as a stroke or another type of brain injury. It may also be used to help determine the driving status of an elder with cognitive problems or dementia.

Driving is a demanding, dynamic and cognitively complex activity. The Pre-Driver's Screening test is conducted by an Occupational Therapist over two to three sessions. It evaluates:

  • Driving knowledge
  • Driving judgment situations
  • Upper and lower extremity strength
  • Range of motion and coordination of function
  • Visual acuity
  • Cognitive screening
  • Visual-perception screen
  • Accelerator to brake pedal reaction time

The results are sent to the physician who will use them (as well as other sources of information) to decide whether a patient is ready to return to driving.