Stroke Treatment Quality Measures

NWCH is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care to meet the specialized needs of people affected by stroke. We implement aggressive protocols and stroke treatment quality measures that are proven to reduce complications and improve quality of life for stroke patients.

The care we provide is meticulously managed to comply with the latest standards in stroke treatment required by the NYS Health Department.

Following is a summary of our quality measures:

Our team maintains a detailed stroke log that tracks patients’ progress including response times, diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. In addition, we participate in a NYS registry that measures our protocols and outcomes.

Performance targets
Our Stroke Center meets stringent time targets:

  • Door to doctor evaluation - 10 minutes
  • Door to stroke team contact - 15 minutes
  • Door to CT taken - 25 minutes
  • Door to CT read - 45 minutes
  • Door to treatment - 60 minutes

Quality assurance
At NWCH, special quality assurance groups carefully review stroke patient outcome data to improve best practices for stroke care.