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Nutrition & Weight Management

Manage your health through Diet and Nutrition


Nutrition & Weight Management Center

224 Alexander Street, Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14607

Phone: (585) 922-8446 

Fax: (585) 922-8405

Email: [email protected]

Weight Management

For those who would like to better manage their health through diet, we offer weight loss programs in our inviting, state-of-the-art facility. Our classrooms are equipped with smart-board technology and videoconferencing equipment.

Beyond Diets* 

This is a program that is based on recent medical literature that teaches participants how to make healthy food choices, increase and enjoy physical activity and improve lifestyle behaviors.

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Beyond Diets II 

A more structured version of the Beyond Diets program that incorporates a high protein-based meal plan, and utilizes a bioelectrical impedance device to track progress. 

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OPTIFAST Program* 

This is a medically-monitored program for treating obesity that combines a high-quality calorie-controlled liquid diet with behavior modification, nutrition education, exercise, and psychological support.

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* Both the Beyond Diets and OPTIFAST Program are also suitable for individuals who are scheduled for bariatric surgery and need to participate in a structured weight-loss program.

OPTIFAST Mini Program 

Combines the elements of the full Optifast program into a more condensed, shorter program.  Participants begin on the liquid diet for a brief time, then transition to the lite program.

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OPTIFAST Lite Program 

Looking for a jump start but a full or mini-program isn't the right choice for you? OPTIFAST Lite could be what you are looking for. Participants consume three OPTIFAST shakes plus a regular meal for a total of 1100 calories. Meal selections include lean protein, vegetables, fruit, and low-fat dairy products. Our Registered Dieticians will work with you to choose foods to eat for your regular meal and help customize your plan.

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