About the program

We know that losing weight can be a challenge and is often hard to do alone. You want a program that is effective, enjoyable and one that will help you learn the skills to keep the weight off for good. The most frustrating thing about following a diet is that you usually work hard to lose weight, only to gain it back a short time later. With the Beyond Diets program, we teach you the skills for taking the weight off and keeping it off.

If you are motivated to lose weight now and a realistic, fun approach sounds good to you, Beyond Diets may be your program!

Whether you have 10 pounds or more than 100, our continuous program and supportive environment allow you to stay in Beyond Diets as long as necessary. Research shows that it takes a dedicated amount of time, which varies from person to person, to develop the skills needed to maintain the weight you have lost. We can support and guide you through this process of weight loss and maintenance.

How many weeks is the Beyond Diets Program?

Our program is a 6 visit commitment. If you would like to continue to attend past the 6 visits (which we strongly encourage - it takes time to adjust to new behaviors and have them become a habit), you may.

How does the program differ from other commercial programs?

Our Registered Dieticians specialize in weight loss. With that level of expertise and the style in which we conduct our visits, we offer a greater learning experience than commercial weight loss programs. We teach both weight loss and maintenance skills to prepare you to keep off the weight you lose.

What if I have a medical issue, like diabetes or high blood pressure?

Our programs are offered under the umbrella of the Endocrine-Diabetes Care & Resource Center, the endocrinologists provide medical expertise if necessary.

How much weight will I lose?

As with any program, the amount of weight you lose depends on how closely you stick with your designed plan. Our plans are designed to promote a one to two pounds per week weight loss, which is considered a safe and reasonable target.

How does Beyond Diets work?

After joining the program, your first step is to attend a dietician assessment. We will review with you some basic meal planning ideas and help you decide on a meal structure and calorie level that will work for your lifestyle. After attending this appointment, you will begin attending 1:1 visits with the dietician. Follow up visits are designed to help you problem-solve any issues you might be having and assess your progress towards your weight loss goals.

Do I need to purchase any special foods?

No. We promote a healthy balanced approach and all your foods can be purchased in the grocery store.

Contact us

To get started or for more information, call (585) 922-8446 or email [email protected]