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Nutrition & Weight Management

Manage your health through Diet and Nutrition


Nutrition at Clifton Springs & Newark-Wayne

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling Services are now available at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital and Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic. Individuals will work one-on-one with a Registered Dietitian to review current eating habits, set nutritional goals, learn about healthy diet and nutrition, and develop a personalized nutrition plan to fit their daily lifestyle in order to achieve their goals.

Nutrition counseling through a Registered Dietitian can help individuals improve their overall health and quality of life. Our Registered Dietitians provide counseling on:

  • Bariatric
  • Cancer
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Diet modifications
  • Vegan and vegetarianism
  • Eating disorders
  • Exercise nutrition
  • Food allergies
  • GI disorders
  • Hepatic disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Malnutrition
  • Nutrition support
  • Pediatrics
  • Pregnancy
  • Renal disorders
  • Weight management 
  • Wound care

Some insurances cover several sessions with an outpatient Registered Dietitian if it is prescribed by a physician. Because of this, a referral is needed to schedule an initial appointment. This can be done through Care Connect or faxed to the Registered Dietitian. Once a referral is received, the Registered Dietitian will be in contact with the patient to set-up their initial appointment. Follow-up appointments are normally scheduled a month after the initial appointment and each month after, as needed or as long as the referral is active.

Our Nutrition Team 

Jackie Darcangelo, RD, CDN
Newark-Wayne Community Hospital

Evelyn Fuller, RD, CDN
Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic

Hannah Smith, RD, CDN
Clinical Nutrition Manager

Our Locations

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic Nutrition 

2 Coulter Rd Clifton Springs, NY
P (315) 462-0257
F (315) 462-0274

Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Nutrition

1200 Driving Park Ave Newark, NY 14513
P (315) 332-2421
F (315) 359-2052

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