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Employee & Occupational Health

Experts in workers' health, safety & productivity


Employee Health Services

With a highly experienced team of physicians, advanced practice providers, and medical support staff, Rochester Regional Health Occupational Health works in an interdisciplinary fashion across our system to help your employees stay at work or return to work quickly, safely, and functioning at their highest levels.

Available Services Include

  • Regulatory compliance exams, including commercial driver (19A, DOT), pilot (FAA), asbestos, respiratory protection, and hearing conservation
  • Public Safety Medical exams, such as law enforcement, firefighters and energy industry
  • Employer-requested exams such as new-hire and return-to-work evaluations
  • Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol testing, with Medical Review Officer services
  • Immunization clinics including: Influenza, Hepatitis, Tetanus

Benefits to Employers

  • Comply with complex workplace regulations
  • Optimize Workers’ Compensation experience
  • Increase productivity with a healthier workforce

Our Experience 

We have experience in caring for team members in a range of workplaces and careers, including: 

  • Municipalities uniformed and non-uniformed/First responders
  • Mass transportation personnel