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Debbie's Hip Joint Replacement Story

Total hip replacement

Stories DebbiehipFor nearly a quarter of a century, Debbie Benson devoted her life to taking care of young children as a school bus driver. It was more than just a job for Debbie; it was a privilege. 

“I didn’t realize it would be so rewarding with the many different age groups and personalities. Those students brought life to my life,” she says. Debbie logged thousands of miles on her bus routes, but pain in her right hip caused her to hit the brakes on a career she loved dearly. “I truly treasured my time as a bus driver. I eventually began to have constant pain in my hip from sitting too long and a car accident made it worse. I didn’t want to, but I had to retire from my job because of the pain.”

This mother of two and grandmother of three wasn’t about to let pain take over her life and slow her down. “I began praying, talking with my physicians, asking for recommendations and researching the best doctors in the area,” she says. “I found all my answers with Dr. Gregory Lewish and the staff at Unity Hospital.”

Debbie spent just three days in the hospital after a total right hip replacement. “That was my first major time in the hospital since I had my children. It was a nervous experience for me. To be surrounded by medical staff who were so compassionate really made it easier.” And she left feeling better. “I do believe God directed me to the right surgeon, as well as the hospital.”

Today Debbie happily proclaims because of her hip replacement, “I have no more pain in my hip. I can drive without being uncomfortable all of the time. I can sleep better, load groceries in the car and go shopping with more ease!” She might not be behind the wheel of a school bus, but Debbie is back doing what she loves the most: taking care of young children. “I can play with my youngest granddaughter without major discomfort,” she says, and that is priceless!

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