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Don's Hip Joint Replacement Story

Total right hip replacement 

Don -hip replacement

Don had always been physically active, so his first thought upon noticing discomfort in his hip was that he might have pulled a muscle.

As the pain persisted, however, he visited a Rochester Regional Health specialist and received a different diagnosis. “I had lost the cartilage in my hip joint, [and] I was a candidate for a full hip replacement,” he recalls.

Postponing the procedure wasn’t an option: “I didn’t want to spend what might be ten of my most vital remaining years in pain and restricted from what I love to do most.”

Because he lives alone, Don understood the importance of preparing in advance for when he would leave the hospital. “The pre-operative teaching class provided a great way for me to learn about my surgery and my recovery. They tailored the information to meet my unique circumstances.”

Today he’s back to his former activity levels, free of pain and restrictions. “I’m not only walking again. I have played more than 100 softball games since my surgery,” Don says. “And the expert care, support, and kindness I received at Unity played a vital role in my recovery.”

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