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Joanne's Hip Joint Replacement Story

Total Hip Replacement

Stories Joannehip“At school the kids can’t even keep up with me.”

As a teaching assistant for the Greece Central School District, Joanne Chase is always moving – and she prefers it that way. Before her hip operation, “The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t mow the lawn, walk my dog, or even tie my shoes,” she says.

Today Joanne happily proclaims she can do it all, from walking her dog long distances to riding a bike at the gym and even shoveling heavy snow. “I feel great! At school the kids can’t even keep up with me,” she says.

Joanne is no stranger to the Joint Replacement Center at Rochester General Hospital. After a bilateral knee and two total hip replacements, she considers the staff a part of her family. “I brag about them. They are gentle and caring. The physical therapy is wonderful,” she says.

Joanne’s advice for those considering a hip replacement: “Go through the surgery and you won’t believe how better life will be afterwards. I can do things ladies half my age can’t or won’t do after my surgery.”
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