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Joanne's Knee Joint Replacement Story

Total right knee replacement

Joanne - knee replacement

Joanne always admired her father’s active lifestyle, including his positive experience with a knee-replacement procedure at Rochester Regional Health’s Charles J. August Joint Replacement Center. So when Joanne began feeling pain in her own knee – to the point where even walking was nearly impossible – she knew to follow in her dad’s footsteps.

X-rays revealed that Joanne was becoming bowlegged, so much so that she had already lost more than an inch of height. She and her surgeon, Raymond Stefanich, MD, agreed it was time for a knee replacement.

Friends and co-workers who knew how difficult it was for her to move before the surgery were amazed at her outcome. Her recovery was brisk – she boarded a plane to Romania just three weeks after her surgery – and her overall quality of her life improved so much that she encourages others with similar issues to explore knee replacement from Rochester Regional.

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