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Joanne's Two Knee Joint Replacement Story

Two total knee replacements (right and left)

Joanne - knee replacement

Only six weeks after her first knee replacement, Joanne entered the operating room at Unity Hospital for a second time to get her other knee replaced. She had had such a positive experience with her first procedure that she felt all the support and encouragement she needed to get a second new knees.

“What most impressed me were the classes I attended before my surgery,” she said. “I knew what to expect and was prepared to walk the day after surgery whether I wanted to or not. I felt so comfortable, like I was the only patient there.

“Interestingly, all of the patients seemed to feel that way,” Joanne added.

Joanne can’t say enough positive things about her experience at Unity: “It’s unbelievably clean, the rehab is fantastic, and the nursing staff is remarkable.” One nurse even offered her home phone number in case Joanne needed someone to talk to overnight. “Her passion and support was uplifting for all of us,” Joanne recalled.

Today, she enjoys taking long walks with her husband – and she loves hearing her grandchildren squeal as they ride their bicycles to meet them. “‘Here comes Nana’ is music to my ears,” she said.

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