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Joseph's Joint Replacement Story

Total right knee replacement

Joseph - knee replacement

Often it’s the unknown that is the most daunting. Let’s face it, preparing for surgery can be scary. It’s not uncommon to wonder what the pain will be like once the surgery is complete and whether or not a “normal” life can actually be resumed. That’s why Joseph Aleo appreciated the pre-operative classes so much. “I received all the information I needed, right from the get-go, and none of the details were sugar-coated, which helped me a lot. I also had a chance to ask questions and hear the questions other patients had prior to surgery. Once the day of surgery arrived I was ready.”

“More importantly, I felt cared for. It was personal. I wasn’t just a knee. I was a person who needed support and encouragement. I received all that and more. The entire team at Unity Hospital - from the nurses to the surgeons, physical therapists and even the cleaning staff - were very warm and accommodating. I was encouraged to get up and move almost immediately after surgery and it was the best thing for me. I just can’t say enough about my experience and all the people at Unity. I’m due to have my other knee and both hips replaced in the next few years and am very positive about it, thanks to my first experience.” Joseph is back to doing all that he enjoys the most, and is driving again. Best of all, he is living virtually pain free.

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