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Karen's Joint Replacement Story

Two total hip replacements

Karen - hip replacement

A bone disease left Karen virtually crippled, with both hip bones literally disintegrating. Her surgeon recommended a total hip replacements, performed over 13 months at the Charles J. August Joint Replacement Center at Unity Hospital of Rochester Regional Health.

Today, she’s pain-free; in fact, she doesn’t even think about the chronic pain she was in prior to her surgeries. “It’s amazing to think that just when I was ready for a wheelchair, I got a hip replacement instead,” she said.

“My condition had gotten so bad that I hated to leave the house – I was hunched over, could barely walk and was in incredible pain,” she recalled.

Now she’s more active than ever: “It’s a gift waking up each morning, putting my two feet on the floor, standing straight up and walking out of the house to live life.”

Her experience at Unity was “absolutely superb,” Karen said. “I loved the solitude and rest I was able to get in my private room. The nursing staff was amazing, 24 hours a day. The entire team was so knowledgeable – there was nothing they wouldn’t do for me.”

Whereas the thought of surgery once terrified Karen, “now I tell everyone about how my life was saved,” she said. “I got my life back and have the compassionate, expert care I received in the Joint Replacement Center at Unity to thank.”
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