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Linda's Joint Replacement Story

Linda - hip replacement

Linda’s active lifestyle gradually changed over time as the pain in her hip grew worse: At its worst, she could barely walk to her car. “The pain was excruciating,” she recalled.

Following her hip replacement, she followed her orthopaedic surgeon’s recommendation and stayed at Unity Hospital for post-operative physical therapy. “It was excellent. They have excellent therapists there,” she said. “The rehabilitation and nursing staff just seemed to care about their patients.”

Today, Linda happily declares that she now mows the lawn, snow blows the driveway, and rakes leaves. “Anything that needs doing,” she says with a smile.

Her relief came not a moment too soon. Shortly after her own procedure, Linda’s husband needed shoulder surgery – and thanks to her positive experience, she was able to help take care of him as he went through his own rehabilitation.

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