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Lou's Joint Replacement Story

Total hip replacement

I wish to let you know what a very positive experience I recently had at your hospital.

I had hip replacement surgery on February 10th at Rochester General Hospital. Except for a very brief stay in 1979, this was essentially the first hospital experience I’ve ever had. To say I was nervous is an understatement. The nursing care I received in recovery and then on 6800 was both professional and caring. And I have sent my thanks to 6800 Nurse Manager Doreen Baldasarre.

But I also want to tell you how valuable your pre-surgery joint replacement seminar and handbook are, and what an outstanding job your Orthopedic Clinical Navigator, Jeff Withall, does.

I attended two of Jeff’s seminars: one by myself well before my surgery, and one with my spouse about a week prior to surgery. My pre-surgery anxiety was very high and Jeff’s seminars were just what I needed to get that anxiety under control. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to learn, in some detail, what was going to happen throughout the whole process from pre-admission to recovery, to the in-patient stay and after leaving the hospital…all in understandable layman’s terms.

Jeff’s delivery included humor to break the tension. It also included the confident reassurance that I found mentally very beneficial. Facts, details, and an actual sample of the hip joint device I’d receive, coupled with the repeated “don’t worry, we’ve done many of these surgeries successfully at RGH, we’ll take good care of you and make sure you have a good experience, and I will visit you daily to ensure you’re getting what you need” were exactly what I needed to see and hear in order to approach my surgery with a positive and low-anxiety mental attitude.

Jeff told me that he’d visit me (and all his joint patients) daily during my stay, and he kept his word."

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