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Maynard's Joint Replacement Story

Total Knee Replacement

“I am able to walk without pain!”

Stories MaynardkneeFor more than 50 years, Maynard Bixby has been making dreams come true for local families by building and remodeling homes. But constant knee pain temporarily forced the self-employed contractor to hang up his tool belt. “There were a lot of things I couldn’t do anymore, like go up ladders, climb stairs or even get down on my knees,” he says.

Maynard says he’s glad he decided to have surgery on both knees. “I had dealt with it (pain) long enough and it wasn’t getting any better.” After two separate total knee replacements at the Joint Replacement Center at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, he proudly proclaims, “I am feeling good. I am able to walk without pain!”

This 77-year-old thrives on staying active and he is grateful for the exceptional care he received while in the hospital. “Therapy was a really good experience. The staff was up front about everything. I saw someone from the doctor’s office every day. That was a really good feeling knowing they were concerned about me,” he says.

While at inpatient rehab, Maynard says he specifically remembers a staff member asking him what he wanted and he happily replied, “A Frosty – and they brought it right to me.”

Maynard’s advice for other knee replacement patients: “It’s not a walk in the park, but the release of pain makes it completely worthwhile.”

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