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Roger's Joint Replacement Story

Roger - shoulder replacementRoger was not going to live the rest of his life not doing the things he loves to do. Roger, his wife, three daughters and two dogs live in Bergen. As an architect, drawing was even painful. In addition to golfing, biking and swimming Roger is a handy man and it was painful to swing a hammer or do small projects around the house.

Dealing with pain was something Roger knew quite well as he first tried regular physical therapy and took ibuprofen. In June of 2012, Roger had arthroscopic surgery and also tried cortisone shots. Eventually, it became so painful because it was bone on bone. Roger knew that he was not going to accept the option of pain 24x7 and not doing what he loved to do --throwing the ball to his dogs, swimming, golfing and even being able to hug his wife. After talking to his doctor and being told he would be back to work in eight weeks, he decided to have surgery.

Roger met Dr. Stefanich for a second opinion and after talking with him felt very comfortable about moving forward with surgery. "Dr. Stefanich listened and really understood me; he explained all the options and then left it up to me." Roger attended the pre-op class at Unity Hospital and said it was very informative and it went over what to expect. Overall, everything went well and all the staff was attentive from pre–op to at home with home health care nurse and physical therapist.

Today, Roger plays in his golf league once a week. "Where would I be today? I wouldn’t be out here golfing!" says Roger.
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