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ROSA the Knee Robot

Meet the Robotic Surgical Assistant from Zimmer Bioment

Robotic Surgical Assistant

Rochester Regional Health is the first healthcare system in Rochester to perform total-knee replacement utilizing Zimmer Biomet's knee robot known as the Robotic Surgical Assistant, or, ROSA. Four of Rochester Regional's hospitals have a ROSA, which provides a greater degree of accuracy for your orthopaedic surgeon and a quicker return to daily activities for patients. Nearly all patients who are total knee replacement surgery candidates qualify for the procedure using ROSA.

Rochester Regional Health’s Surgery program ranks in the top one percent in the northeast year after year for robotic-assisted procedures. The ROSA Knee System is an extension of our continued investment in robotics and technology to improve outcomes for our patients.

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Meet the ROSA Knee System

We perform more than 2,000 knee replacement surgeries each year. With the addition of the ROSA Knee System, we are able to offer total knee replacement patients less pain, increased longevity of the implant, reduced blood loss, reduced likelihood of injury, and a quicker return to the full range of motion.

If you are interested in seeing if a ROSA total knee replacement is right for you, please click the button below. A representative will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a consultation with one of our ROSA Total Knee Replacement Specialists.

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How ROSA is Changing the Game

When placing the components and making the cuts in the bone during total knee replacement, each must be exact in order to achieve proper alignment, smooth movement, and enhanced patient comfort. While the ROSA Knee System won’t be performing your total knee replacement surgery, it will be assisting your surgeon in optimizing both their efficiency and accuracy.

Before your procedure, your surgeon will use data from two-dimensional X-Rays to produce a highly accurate three-dimensional virtual image of your knee and upload it into the computer. After assessing your knee bones and soft tissues at the start of surgery, ROSA’s high-tech software is used to build a precise and personalized surgical plan. With help from ROSA’s robotic arm, your surgeon can perform your surgery accurately and confidently.

Benefits of the Robotic Surgical Assistant include:

  • Perfectly precise cuts in the bone, resulting in implant components placed in just the right position
  • ROSA allows your surgeon to personalize your implant placement, achieving a more natural-feeling knee
  • ROSA uses data from X-rays instead of CT scans. X-rays are more easily obtainable, less expensive, and use less radiation than CT scans

Your Rochester Regional Health orthopaedic surgeon will help you determine if total knee replacement with the help of ROSA is right for you.

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